Making a Difference with Institutional Partnerships

To help spread education and best practices about sustainability, we partner with a variety of different local institutions. With each different institution, we create unique programs that aim to achieve cost-effective, immediate and persistent energy and demand savings.

These partnerships establish a permanent framework for a sustainable, long-term and comprehensive energy management program geared towards energy efficiency, sustainability and climate change reduction goals.

加州的部门. of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Partnership

The CDCR Partnership is a statewide energy-efficiency program that accomplishes immediate and long-term peak energy demand savings through sustainable, long-term and comprehensive energy management.

参观CDCR 网站.

State of California Partnership

Energy-efficiency projects reduce utility costs, create safer and healthier working environments, and are a vital step towards implementing a comprehensive sustainability policy.

Through our partnership with the State of California, 我们提供激励, 服务, 培训和教育, and resources to state government facilities. We support projects that include:

  • 新建筑

  • 改造

  • Monitoring-based retro commissioning

Visit the State of California 网站.

University and College Partnerships

We have partnered with the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and California 社区 Colleges (CCC) campuses to help them achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and commercialize new technologies that can benefit the broader community. Through incentives for equipment improvements and training, as well as tools to help reduce energy consumption, we are helping them make their operations more energy-efficient.

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